Leave it at the door / making "down to the River"

LewAllen Galleries ventured out with me on-location for my first 5' x 8' painting, a sunrise piece painted in the Rio Grande Gorge, and then visited with me at my studio in Taos, NM. The video follows some of the progress on the big plein air piece and chronicles a bit more about the process on a number of paintings in my July 2018 solo exhibit. 

on location with storms over Santa Fe

LewAllen Galleries came out on location with me during a stormy evening near Santa Fe, NM. I was working on a 48" x 24" painting of these storms as they built up and dissipated, forcing me to change course a couple times. 

In the making: Sky Above | Earth Below, 24" x 48" 

Copyright Jivan Lee and Heinley Fine Arts Southwest. All rights reserved. 

The above video is a short compilation of several hours of footage from me painting on location in Taos, NM, in September 2014. We were out in some gnarly weather that turned sweet, and a piece I quite like ended up coming to be. The painting is 24" x 48" and was the title work for my 2014 solo exhibition at Heinley Fine Arts, Sky Above | Earth Below. 

     As I've often found with painting, much was uncertain and for a time the effort looked to be doomed. Though it was sunny when I arrived on location, a giant downpour got going just after shooting started and we were left scrambling into our cars. Then, when we finally called off the shoot, the rain stopped. The weather gods gave us a good window, so out came the equipment again and we went for it – soaking wet and cold as we were. Almost the entire piece was finished on-site that day, though there were some minor finishing touches that I had to do at my studio. 

Taos Pecha Kucha night - Fall Arts Edition

The above video is of my presentation at Taos' 14th installment of Pecha Kucha Night. It covers my artistic development over the last several years, especially since moving to Taos, and delves a bit more into my process.