Solo exhibit in Phoenix/Scottsdale starting Feb. 5th

The old apple tree, 48" x 72", painted on location in Taos, NM. 

The old apple tree, 48" x 72", painted on location in Taos, NM. 

My second solo exhibit at Altamira Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ, opens in February. The Artist reception is February 8th. I'm proud of this group of work and excited to see it hang together. It was painted on-location in Taos and gave me a fresh perspective on my process. Here's a show statement: 

"Every show has a rhythm to its making; usually at some point a prevailing sentiment coalesces and informs the final body of work and show title. This show is an homage, of sorts, to places that I had been missing amidst the daily grind, moments and locations I had hurried by for years on my way to some meeting or event or whatever else was occupying my attention.

It was a pleasure and privilege to deliberately find them again, and be surprised by new places I’d yet seen. It took some doing, but eventually each piece convinced me to stop where I thought was a pointless place to stop, or was too out of the way, or was too much of an inconvenience of another sort. And there they were: these paintings waiting beside highways and main streets, in historic valleys people now speed through at 80 mph, on little old lanes left behind in favor of the big new road. 

The process of making each piece felt almost like a parable about modern day - a tale of things that the freneticism of our fast world can make seem so urgent, and what is forgotten as a result. I found that I’d been missing the quiet-time before sunset, the stories big trees tell, old orchards, the atmospheric density of a rainy storm filling a high valley, and more. 

One of the messages I got from making these paintings has especially stuck with me now that the work is done: always there will be more to find by the wayside, and it’s worth the detour."