Artist Focus at Altamira Fine Art - Jackson, WY, Aug. 1 - 6

I have a great group of paintings that will be on view at Altamira Fine Art - Jackson August 1 - 6, 2016, in my Artist Focus show titled "Atmosphere." Here is a link to the gallery's page for the show, and a direct link to the images of works included. The gallery is located at 172 Center Street, Jackson, WY

Here's the show statement:

"The paintings in Atmosphere were inspired by atmosphere that is both near and far: the one that extends for hundreds of miles to the horizon, its storms reaching cacophonous heights, and the quiet, intimate one that envelops our structures in sun-infused morning air or imbues all we see with pillowy softness. 

In painting this body of work I aimed to hold three things equal: conveying the mood of distinct moments of weather and light, relaying recognizable imagery, and handling paint such that the creative process is made visible and the raw material remains a central part of a painting’s reason for being. 

If I’m successful, viewing the work will become a dynamic experience, both active and relaxing. Rhythmic marks of paint will coalesce into recognizable imagery and convey unique sentiments, and then disassemble again into raw material and pure slabs of color. In this flux, the works will become as much about the experience of seeing and perceiving as about the scenes depicted." 


Here is the ISSUU eCatalogue for the show, too: